Harnessing the Power of the Community to Empower

Unhoused and At Risk People with the Skills and Strength

to Survive and be Self-Sufficient

Our Work to Date

Every day, we work hard to empower unhoused and at risk people to escape the dangers of homelessness and learn to thrive independently. With our transitional housing program and supportive services, we have supported:

sheltered nights

meals provided

adults graduated from our program

partnering community programs

Some of our supporting services that help our community thrive include:


Transitional Housing programs provide temporary residence and services — up to 12 months — for people experiencing homelessness. Includes 24-hour on-site supervision.

Workforce Readiness Training

Educational Assistance

Life Skills

Re-entry Program

(Law Enforcement has 24 hour onsite accessibility through keyless entry system)

Case Management Services

Substance Abuse-

Financial Education

Internship Program with University of Phoenix

Utility Assistance

Mortgage Assistance

Emergency Food

We need to be

doing more

With the help of our community, we can make changes that make our city better. By working together, we make it better for all.

Reach out to us if you need help or want to support our cause