In The Seat of Homelessness

by LaTaneisha Wilkes

The makeshift closet runs across the roof of a compact car masked by curtains. A handful of newly washed clothes hangs on the rod that is used to dry off a weeks worth of outfits, while the rest of what used to be is an entire wardrobe compressed inside a car trunk. This has now become the fort for living on the streets.

For some individuals a car is all they can depend on and have to rely on to get through to the next day. Living in a car has so many limitations due to an enclosed amount of space that makes it hard to navigate or move around as opposed to living in a home. Sometimes we’re faced with atrocities that only human nature can understand. In the pit of despair who is there to help in the time of our deepest darkest struggles. Often times, life can be pretty unpredictable with no resources to be accounted for or obtained. Having an entire family live in a car can be extremely difficult due to lack of room and accessibility to assets. Struggles are created from lack of proper shelter, food and common amenities that we use on a daily to make it through day-to-day routines. Living in a car generates fear for safety, law limitations and restricted mobility to handle what is necessary in providing any way to live comfortably.

“Never judge people who have little to nothing, as one day you may find yourself having NOTHING at all”

Family Car Living

“The longevity of homelessness continues to rise, so people are running out of resources. The unemployment runs out. Their savings run out. The family that lent them money does not have it anymore ‘cause they’re looking at economic hardship. And before you know it they find themselves living in their car because they ran out of all options” (Hard Times Generation: Families Living in Cars)”. A car wasn’t built or designed to live in but to get from one destination to another. However, when challenged with life and its hardships we have to do what is best for ourselves as well as our family. The real question is how can these problems be prevented or escaped from? There should never be an individual, let alone a family living in a car under no circumstance. Even though, you may be entitled to free will and some may be comfortable, but it is not ideal or acceptable. How do you have proper hygiene or a cooked meal? Surviving in the world is a challenge itself. Take a moment, would you want your loved one or someone you care for living with minimal necessities just to get by. If the answer is no, why would you be comfortable and seeing someone else suffer. Society must collectively ensure the safety of everyone and protect all to the best of their ability. A lending help or a simple gesture of kindness to those who are a part of their community can make a difference in the lives of many who have fallen.

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