Program Contest


The website will host a page whereby visitor will be able to post the homeless experience for them or someone they know. This webpage will offer our visitors an opportunity to compose their homeless story in 1000 words or less.

Their story in turn will be submitted for review by VVFRC staff.  The designated staff will read the story and apply matrix points, accordingly. The stories with the most points will be set aside will be considered for the monthly award, and ultimately, the year-end GoFundMe contest.  The top 10 stories will be provided to the VVFRC staff or award committee for review to determine a winner.

Contest Awards:

Monthly – each month, VVFRC will choose a winning story describing a homeless experience.  This story will appear on our website and then circulated to our partners, vendors, donors via a blog, newsletter or email (TBD).  The benefit of becoming a VVFRC monthly winner is the exposure of getting support or resources they need from a myriad of resources. Each monthly winner will be in competition to win the grand prize presented at the VVFRC year-end.

Side note:  We may want to choose 3 winners for 2016 so by October we have 12 people in the pool for the year-end award.

GoFundMe Year End Award: 

Annually, VVFRC will sponsor one person/family each year in a GoFundMe campaign.  One hundred percent of the GoFundMe contributions will go to the winner.  The twelve monthly winners are comprised from the monthly homeless stories.


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