Help Get Our “Ban The Box” Bill Out Of The Final Committee

AB 1008 (McCarty) passed out of the California State Assembly and is now in the Senate Judiciary Committee. We need your help to pass AB 1008 out of this final committee by calling the seven members on the Senate Judiciary Committee listed below and have them tally your support for the bill.

AB 1008 will extend Ban the Box / Fair Chance Hiring policy to private employers, removing the “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?” question from employment applications and prohibiting employers from performing a background check until after they extend a conditional job offer. Removing this barrier to employment allows formerly incarcerated and convicted people a chance to interview in person and be evaluated according to skills and experience relative to the job.

Please call the Judiciary Committee Members by end of day Monday, July 10:
Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (Chair) – (916) 651-4019
(If you make only one call, make it to Senator Jackson!)
Senator John M. W. Moorlach (Vice Chair) – (916) 651-4037
Senator Joel Anderson – (916) 651-4038
Senator Robert M. Hertzberg – (916) 651-4018
Senator Bill Monning – (916) 651-4017
Senator Henry I. Stern – (916) 651-4027
Senator Bob Wieckowski – (916) 651-4010

Feel free to use this sample script:

Hello, my name is __________ from [town in CA].

I am calling in support of AB 1008, the Fair Chance Hiring bill.

Formerly incarcerated people already face many barriers to re-entry, and they/we need access to meaningful employment to take care of families and contribute positively to the community.

Please extend California’s “Ban the Box” policy to private employers and give formerly incarcerated and convicted people a chance to show employers their skills and potential.

[Share personal experience here, if applicable or possible-keep it short!]

True public safety is created through employment, housing, and community.

Please pass AB 1008 and add me to the support tally you keep for your Member.

Thank you,

(Your Name)
(Company Name)

[Bonus: if one of the members represents your district, let them know!]

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