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Donate to Victor Valley Family Resource Center This #GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday. It is our mission to be #THESolution4Homelessness. Since its inception in 2008, Victor Valley Family Resource Center has hosted many guests under our transitional housing program. Safe housing is one of the most basic needs, right next to food, water and clothing. But, for many vulnerable populations, like survivors of abuse, recovering addicts, and ex-prisoners, providing transitional and emergency housing often requires more than just four walls and a roof. Our work might start with providing shelter, but to be successful, transitional housing programs need secure and sustainable funding so they can provide both beds and program support.

““I love knowing that my family is safe. My children have beds to sleep on and food in the refrigerator.”

A meaningful way to partner with VVFRC is through financial contributions, in-kind donations and corporate sponsorships. Gifts of all sizes contribute to new housing and supportive services to homeless and low-income individuals and families who want to improve their lives. Your financial contribution will be leveraged with other philanthropic dollars and resources we raise in order to make a more significant impact to the community we serve.

After living in their home for three years, a sudden rent increase forced Greg, Jessica and their ten children out of their home and into a back garage to avoid living on the streets. After ten straight days of temperatures above 105 degrees, living in a hot garage, which lacked air conditioning and proper water, the family sought out structured emergency housing with VVFRC. This allowed them to participate in case management and financial literacy training. Within 6 months the family was able to restructure payments, pay off debt, and ultimately move into a house moving their family from homelessness into housing. (continue reading stories such as this…)


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