Mr. Hoover Spotlight

Mr. Hoover walked into Victor Valley Family Resource Center’s corporate office in October of 2015 desperately seeking housing assistance. At the time VVFRC was not accepting new clients into the transitional housing program. Mr. Hoover outlined his living conditions at the time with our Project Manger, Eddie Clifton.

At the time Mr. Hoover was homeless and living out of his car. After working with our CEO, Sharon Green, Mr. Hoover was accepted as self-pay client to keep him off the streets. Mr. Hoover was eventually enrolled in the probation sponsored, transitional housing program. Immediately upon being accepted into the transitional housing program, Mr. Hoover aggressively sought employment. Mr. Hoover had multiple interviews and job offers from local employers within 30 days of entering the program. Mr. Hoover initially accepted a commissioned sales job with Envision Security selling security systems.

Mr. Hoover worked at Envision Security for approximately a month before accepting a new position at Horizon Solar Power as a Marketing Manager. Mr. Hoover started working for Horizon Solar Power in November of 2015 at an hourly rate of $12.50. After 30 days he received a performance based raise to $14.50 an hour. Last week Mr. Hoover applied for a Regional Sales Director position with Horizon Solar Power. Mr. Hoover has directly assisted in the hiring of 3 Victor Valley Family Resource Centers transitional housing clients over the last 4 months. Since entering the program Mr. Hoover has demonstrated strong budgeting skills. He has consistently saved 70% of his monthly income, while paying down debt and positioning himself to transition into permanent housing. Mr. Hoover has been a model client in every way. Motivating fellow clients to seek employment, set goals, and follow their case plans. Mr. Hoover is driven by his goal of reuniting with his fiancé and daughter.


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